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Swim Goggles Buying Guide

Swimming goggles come in a variety of brands, styles, sizes, and features. Knowing what these features are and how they affect your performance will help determine which swimming goggles to choose

What type of swimming goggles should I purchase?

Knowing the different types of swim goggles available and what they are designed for will help you decide which swim goggles are right for you

Recreational goggles

Recreational Goggles
  • A comfortable and cheaper pair of goggles that are not meant to be worn for long swimming excursions

Practice goggles

Practice Goggles
  • Well made, high quality goggles that are meant to be worn everyday and for longer periods of time

Competitive goggles

Competition Goggles
  • Low profile, narrow frame design made for performance and drag reduction. The low profile design can strain the eye sockets and are not generally used for recreational or training purposes

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How should my swim goggles fit?

Swim goggles should be comfortable but snug enough to prevent water from leaking into the eye cups. The nose piece and head strap will need to be adjusted to ensure the proper fit before wearing your goggles in the water

Goggle fit test

  • Leaving the strap off, push the lenses against your eye sockets to create a gentle vacuum. If they adhere to your face for just a moment you have a good fit

Adjusting the nose piece

  • Adjust the nose strap notch by notch until you have the right fit for your eyes. Then cut off the overhanging part of the nose strap

Adjusting the head strap

  • Pull the head strap over the back of your head and position the goggles over your eyes. Adjust both sides of the head strap if needed
  • The head strap should be comfortable but firm. Remember the strap is there only to keep the goggles in position

Adjusting the goggles

  • Pull the head strap over the back of your head and position the goggles on your face. To avoid leaks your head strap should be kept at a 45° angle. If water happens to leak into the lenses, adjust the head strap accordingly

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What color lens should I buy?

The lens color determines how well a swimmer can see based on the lighting conditions in which they swim

Amber - Reduces glare and provides better vision in both low and high light. Ideal for indoor and outdoor swimming

Blue - Designed to reduce surface glare for better vision in bright light. Great for everyday use and training

Clear - Lack of light filter indoors makes it easier to see in low light with the clear lens. Best for indoor swimmers

Gray - Strongly lowers overall brightness to prevent squinting under bright light. Great for swimming out in the sun

Mirror - Filters light more than gray lenses and reduces brightness and glare. Important for outdoor swimming

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How to take care of your swim goggles?

Keep your goggle lenses free from dust and do not clean or scrub the inside of the lenses as you could damage the anti-fog protection
Your swim goggles will stay in good condition and last longer if you follow a few simple steps

  • Rinse your goggles off with cold water after each use to remove any chlorine or salt
  • Soak your lenses in a mild liquid soap or gentle shampoo mixture
  • Rinse your lenses off thoroughly in cold water again to remove any soap residue
  • Use a lens cleaning cloth to completely dry off your goggles and to prevent scratches

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Goggle Accessories

Swimmers can buy accessories for there goggles such as anti-fog cleaner and replacement straps

Anti-fog cleaner
Most manufacturers sell swim goggles with an anti-fog coating on the inside of the lenses. If you notice fog starting to develop you can purchase an anti-fog cleaner to refresh the coating regularly. Depending on the care and use will determine how long the anti-fog treament lasts

Replacement straps
Swim goggle straps will eventually break due to age, sunlight and/or chlorine. Replacing a broken goggle strap is a quick and easy way to fix your favorite pair of swim goggles

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Athletic Specialties Swim Goggles

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